Report for the Community #22

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. Here we are with another report to tell you about how we advance towards the release of the next update. Maybe the real life may be chaotic but, in this game, we work with pure mathematics and many things may look stable and linear, quite easy to understand even if they may be a bit complex. Thanks to reports from our internal testers, we were able to make several fixes and adjustments in the game and that brings us few steps closer to public test release. There is not a definite date for that yet.

We fixed some random crashes connected to citizens optimization. We had several issues with construction vehicles. In one case they were not able to find their route to pathway constructions or from them. The only solution was to build the pathway using cash. Now this should be resolved for newly planned pathways. Then we had some helicopters getting stuck near construction sites due to limited space or other reasons and we fixed that. We fixed an issue with wattage overlay for power plants/switches not showing properly and dealt with issue connected to terraforming allowing a tunnel to be able to be brought out of the ground.

We adjusted the operation range for helicopters working which work for hospitals by adding additional 700m to the range of hospital. Then we updated the rendering background for underground mode to make it better to look on. We fixed some issues with electricity connected to building optimization and changed the calculations for wind turbines and solar power plants to make them less linear, thus you may the lower output with slower wind and less sunshine. We also tweaked the price for curved bridges, especially the railroad one. And now there should be no raining and snowing at the same time which occurred occasionally in November.

And now we have something special for you. We already exhausted the features of the upcoming update in our reports, but we may tease you a bit about what is about to come in the update after helicopters being released. There were plenty of requests and suggestions about certain perspectives of the Soviet era which we plan to implement in future. The police mechanics are coming, but it is not that simple as you may think. We will implement things which you would not expect. Here are four new buildings which can give you a glimpse and allow you to use your imagination what may be part of the future of your Republic. These buildings are: Orphanage, Courthouse, Prison and Secret police office.

Now you may start dreaming about things coming and we hope you look for just and prosperous society full of ideals instead of one driven by fears. Stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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