Report for the Community #18

Greetings Comrades of the Soviet Republic. We have got some underground news for you in this report. But let us talk first about some fixes which will be implemented in version of the game. There are some issues players were complaining about connected with loading and unloading of trains (or other vehicles). It happens that when a train is loading in a station, that even it does not have „wait till loading“ ticked, if there is a slow flow of resources, it will not leave until the flow stops or the train is fully loaded. That should not happen in future anymore.

Other similar issue is related to trains with mixed resources loaded with different types of cargo wagons. For example, if you have a train which is transporting steel and mechanical components and you want to unload only mechanical components, you cannot use „wait till unloaded“ now, because the train will not be able to unload all resources if not all of them are required at a station, and thus it will wait indefinitely. Then the other case is with loading, when you have a train which has multiple types of wagons and you want to load only one type of cargo in the station, but the train would not be able to fully load, because not all wagons could be loaded if you ticked „wait till loaded“ in schedule. These issues should be fixed in upcoming update ( Trains will try to load or unload only resources which are specified in their schedule not the whole cargo space.

Then we want to mention how the game deals with inflation over time. You may be aware of some ridiculous numbers people get in their accounts after a century of success in game. It was addressed in the past but we think it is worth to mention as not everybody knows about that. The game has basic initial prices for resources and work. If these get multiplied 1000 times over time, then in the beginning of next year the game will offer you a dialog in which you can divide your money by 1000. That way you can get from billions back to millions.

Underground Mode

And now we want to introduce you the underground mode. This will be another view for you available while planning your infrastructure. It will offer you another layer for your infrastructure and you will be able to see pipelines, tunnels and even vehicles, trains and people moving underground while in that view. You will be able to create underpasses for pedestrians with multiple exits and draw pipelines underground. It will be possible to connect an underground pipe to surface pipe or directly to the facility if the connection will not be too high above surface.

We want also to allow you to place buildings over underground pipelines with other infrastructure. It will work in a way that you will need to plan and build your pipes first in a free area, and you will be able to plan surface structures above that after. With that in mind we want to revisit the current limitations connected to building and terraforming above tunnels too. We hope you will enjoy these changes when implemented as their will offer much more options and significantly improve the game. Stay tuned for the next report!

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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