Report for the Community #17

Greetings Comrades of the Soviet Republic. Today we have good news in this report for you. We are going to show you something many of you are anticipating for a while. This new addition to the game will significantly change your logistics and improve your emergency systems. Today’s topic are helicopters and some of their features because it will not only be about graphic design, but they will give you some excellent options too. If you manage to use them properly, you may create systems of which even the most advanced western counties may be jealous. And it is thanks to unlimited power you have in the game with zero bureaucracy. Everything just depends on your planning and executing your plans.

You will be able to purchase helicopters in any plane parking near your airports or in special heliports. They will be able to transport people or cargo. If transporting people, they will be able to land on specialised building, a kind of platform for helicopters or they may use the standard airport terminal. And of course, helicopters do not need to use the runway to take off. You will be able to switch some helicopters to transport either passengers or cargo, and there will be also special cargo helicopters, with some capable to transport vehicles or special equipment.

Helicopter CO

Then there will be a new construction office with helicopters. These will be able to transport all the different resources to construction sites using helicopters, even if those do not have road connection. These will be useful when you are constructing electric wires or other inaccessible sites. Helicopters attach special buckets into which they can load construction materials, even concrete or asphalt. They can also transport workers to construction sites loading them on heliports for passengers. The construction office for helicopters has heliports by default but it can be expanded by adding more of them.

Hospital and fire stations

Then we have emergency services. Hospitals and fire stations will be able to use helicopters too. It will be possible to land a helicopter near hospitals and fire stations. And it will be possible to buy them there. The helicopter which is working at fire station has a special bag into which it loads water from nearby water source and takes it to the fire. The emergency helicopter can land anywhere nearby the building where injured are and take them to the hospital.

We are still working on these and there is lot to adjust with the mechanics. We want to allow the fire fighter helicopter to take water only according to its weight capacity and to add some variables where they go to load water because currently all go to the same place. Then there need to be some priorities adjusted for hospitals or fire stations to send helicopters to emergency sites only if there are no ambulances or fire engines on their way. Otherwise, it should be handled by road vehicles.

We hope comrades you will enjoy these tools when they will be added, because this will make the game even more unique with options people in real world are most of the time just dreaming about. There is just limitation with finances and difficulties with bringing dreams to reality. But in the game, you are not limited the same way. Stay tuned for the next report!

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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