Report for the Community #16

Dear comrades of the Soviet Republic, we prepared another brief situation report for you, in these times, when there are not too many good news in the real world. But in this game, we have always good news, and our media is spreading some positive propaganda promoting success and encouragement.

There were several fixes released recently. One annoying issue was with electric wiring when you tried to connect wires over short distance, the game placed several of them really close to each other instead of one or two maintaining reasonable distance. This was fixed in public test version. We also found and fixed one issue with chain signals which allowed a train to pass even if all exit signals were red. Then there were some adjustments. Some of them were requested a lot and caused quite heated discussions on Steam. The heating requirement for Railroad Construction Office and Container facilities were removed in latest test version. Then we added the smooth terrain tool which was available in terrain editor. You can use this to smoothen the terrain and remove humps or other irregularities.

From new additions which are not in the game yet, we want to mention new topographic view which will supplement the wireframe when you want to see the terrain elevation. Then we worked on bridges. Finally, you will be able to build curved bridges and tunnels which will be a significant change and it should allow you much more flexibility while planning your infrastructure. In addition, bridges will be able to snap to each other and that will help you in constructing parallel roads and rails. It will be possible to create much more realistic looking structures with these tools. And of course, more is to come in future reports. Stay tuned!

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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