Report for the Community #14

Greetings comrades. We are glad we can bring you some good news amid this terrible time, as here in Slovakia the reports about disease does not show anything nice, and we are restricted in our freedom to move and do lots of things. But we are not restricted in development, except we have only 24 hours per day as you have.

At first, we want to mention some fixes we have done recently. There was a problem with pumping stations which were not working in certain circumstances on test branch. Unfortunately, we cannot work without mistakes and sometimes things may break on test branch. We know lot of people play on that, but you should be aware of the risk included, as we are not able to test all things added, and we have this branch for testing purposes. Of course we will try to fix similar issues ASAP, if they are reported.

Another fix we made relates to double rail stations and chain signals. Often when two trains arrived at chain signals next to the station at the same time, the signals sent them to the same rail and caused them to deadlock each other. Now this should not happen as they should send each train to different rail if it is free. Then we fixed an issue when it was not possible to store finished vehicles in Demo Version. And there was an issue causing crashes of the game when lines were renamed. This should be fixed too.

We have some new additions and improvements for you too. We are adding new residential buildings. You will be able to build nice old town houses and create some vintage looking towns. And we are working on quite required feature now, and that is snapping of roads and pipelines to each other. This may help you to create parallel running roads and save space when planning your pipes. We think pictures are worth more than thousands of words in this case.

We hope you will like these changes and additions to the game. Stay tuned for the next report to read about more updates.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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