Report for the Community #13

Greetings comrades. Another weekend is at hand and we prepared another report for you. We want to introduce you something, many of you will love, because we know this stuff is important for some socialist folks in real life. We are bringing renewable energy into the game, we are going to add support for solar and wind power. And this may allow you to conquer not only the land, but also other aspects of nature and enjoy cleaner energy because in this case your main concern should not be pollution or radiation leaks. The power output may not be so great, but it will be useful.

This is another bit of information about things which are coming, and we want to keep some secrets too, so do not expect we will showcase everything we have in our sleeves.

We do not have any list of recent fixes for you now, but that does not mean nothing was fixed. New version with some fixes will be released on the test branch next week.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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