Report for the Community #11

Dear comrades, after a week we have another update for you regarding the developments in our favourite game. We made several adjustments recently. The loading of the game should be faster now. Preview images are not loaded during loading anymore, but are loaded „on the fly “, while game is running, which saves video RAM memory. This may be more significant if you have installed lots of mods, and you can turn this OFF in your settings if you wish, but by default it is turned ON.

The resource capacity of some vehicles (V3S, T138, Rmn, IM25, IFA) was adjusted and the capacities of Cement and Dry Bulk Silos were raised. Then we have done some optimisation for Construction office vehicles as they were not able to go for another job until they returned to the Construction office. Now, they should be scheduled for another job as soon as they finish the actual one. In addition, they should no longer load less resources than they can carry if those resources are required in the target construction site.

All mentioned changes are right now on the test branch, they will soon appear in the stable version.

From new things, which are being planned for next update, we want to mention new scaffolding which will change the overall appearance of construction sites.

Then we want to notice you about option to request a demo key for your friends (or for yourself) using dialog on our support page. Demo is now in the process of testing and will be released soon!

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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