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Update #7

Updated: Mar 18

The new update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic introduces helicopters that work with construction offices, hospitals and fire stations. Operate the helicopters to help extinguish fires even without workers, serve as transportation at hospitals, and assist with construction at unreachable construction sites.

In addition, the new upgrade now supports underground infrastructure using a special mode that allows you see what happens underground.

Another update that was added was the rain and the dynamic sun when starting a new game or changing the settings for an existing game. This offers a different ambiance allowing you to see Your Republics in a different light and weather.

New Features in Content Update #7

  • Helicopters (works also with construction offices, hospitals or fire stations)

  • Underground mode (you can see what is under the ground with special mode)

  • Underground pipelines

  • Pedestrian underpasses and overpasses

  • Rain and dynamic sun

  • Wind and solar power plants

  • Curved bridges and many other small improvements

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