Update #6

This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic introduces airplanes, including the airport design and implementation

Operate the airplanes and build the aluminium industry chain so you can construct airplanes. Go through all the process, from the extraction of bauxite to the treatment of aluminium oxide, before obtaining the finished aluminium.

Moreover, this upgrade of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic also contains the introduction of tourism as a new profitable business. Bring foreign tourists to your country, build amusement parks or other attractions and create new ways of earning additional income.

The update also features a great improvement in the models of the citizens and all the SFX have been implemented and revised by the slovak sound studio Grand Beats. Last, the first version of the building editor has been completed.

Main features

  • airplanes

  • tourism

  • new SFX (UI, vehicles, buildings, ambient sfx) still WIP

  • building editor first version

  • better accessible terrain editor, without requirement to create workshop item

  • new citizens models

  • global events (still WIP)

  • performance optimizations for DX11.1

  • three new tutorials

  • cloud saves

  • added mixed signals.. half normal half chain

  • new camera controls LALT to rotate and X/C

  • new roman trucks

  • sirens SFX

  • texts on mini map

  • increased railway length for train production line

  • workshop support for building skins

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