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Report for the Community #63

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. Another two weeks passed away and the metro update is not out yet. We are sorry for that, but obstacles that prevent the release are not related to coding itself and we may give you some insight into the development process which is not only about adding new features and fixing the game code itself. While in releasing the game for close and open testing is quite straight forward, we need to do more when we want to release the official update and even we may have the code ready and tested with all the graphic art related to release, there are other PR related things that have to be done and we have a delay in some stuff there. So, we are delayed again, and it can be released any day if the last things are done properly.

We do not have a lot of things to share with you besides this. The changes are not always visible enough or not easy to describe in words. But we can show you something new and even it looks quite trivial it may make the game better. We were working on adding new outlines to objects in the game. Until now the objects over which you hovered the mouse or were selected were highlighted by yellow color gradient. Now we changed that and there will be a thin yellow outline to highlight the desired objects.

Here are other instances how the new highlighting will work.

And now you can see it is not always about the surface with fancy graphics in game, and even coding does not include the rest of the development process. We need to do much more and sometimes we need to outsource stuff because the team has great skills in some areas but in others not coding related, we may be less experienced. We are learning in the process and there is quite a bit to get through until we will be able to release the game to the public.

We are working not only on the outside and inside of the game, but also in background to help spread the news about the game that more people may be engaged and enjoy it. Though it may look like it is only about making more money, actually we need to prepare for the future as we want to stay in business, and not rely on this single game only with ability to keep up with future development and updates of this game. We hope you can bear with us even in times we cannot keep with the timeline we aimed for. This report is a shorter one and does not contain lot of exciting stuff but at least it gives us an opportunity to show that there is also behind the scenes process for the game. Until next time, enjoy life, have fun, and stay tuned for the upcoming reports.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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Иван Фёдорович Крузенштерн
Иван Фёдорович Крузенштерн
Dec 18, 2022

I already payed for this game. So no rush. It's ready whenever you say so.


Dec 11, 2022

spy an implementation in Frostpunk? but still not bad


Nov 30, 2022

On the second screenshot I see separate locomotives and green freight cars without locos. How it was made? Is it new mechanics or just decorations?

Dec 04, 2022
Replying to

From the looks of it I think that is this Mod.

Large Rail Storage Yards

It gives me hope that the devs use this mod and it will find a way into the vanilia game


Nov 30, 2022

ребята не спешите. лучше сделать качественнее чем кое как. Игра огонь Вы молодцы


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