Report for the Community #10

Updated: Jan 22

Dear comrades, we want to share with you another report to inform you about current developments and changes in the game. There were plenty of bug fixes recently and some of them dealt with some silly things. One of them was the ability to build runways or taxiways under electric wires, then another was the railroad builders’ ability to sometimes turn at super sharp angle and thus, after finishing its run, get stuck. For those who did encounter this issue in the past or something similar and were not able to get the vehicle to its home depo, we want to recommend usage of CTRL+H after clicking on vehicle, which teleports it directly to its home without need to sell it and then rebuy. Of course, you need to use it on vehicle which has its home depot. Then the issue with magnifying glass, which is used to show the problematic piece of route, when the railroad vehicle got lost (due to problematic piece of track) was fixed too, and now it should show you the correct location. We also fixed the inability of distribution offices to supply harbours and terminals with fuel.

There was another adjustment made for birth-rate to make the population growth more linear. More adjustment on this will come in next days. Then the map we developed and added to the workshop as example for map creators called „Flat land with hills“ is going to be added to vanilla game.

But the most interesting for you may be our work on adaptable fields, which will not have fixed rectangular shapes but will adjust their edges to your infrastructure. They may fill the area in between the roads and save you some space with possibility of creating fewer rectangular shaped fields.

We get next bunch of graphics from our external graphics artist Karel - new skins for V3S and Zil trucks, added new ambulance MW 1600, new track builder EDK 300 and Rmn Excavator. In addition, the Railroad construction offices ‘storage was extended, due to new trackbuilder with bigger capacity.

Next thing we want to mention is a work on free demo version of the game. We want to offer players opportunity to try the game out before they buy it with some limitations (amount of buildings and vehicles are limited), but other than that, all features are included. We know this game is very specific and quite complex as more and more stuff is added, but this may be an option for quite a few of players to try it out before they invest into it. They may experience the game, play it for hours, and then decide if they want the full version, or it may offer you opportunity to share your passion with them when recommending the demo first.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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