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Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic Modder's Contest!


>>> RESULTS <<<

The results of the competition! We decided to reward an author rather than an actual single model. The amount of models sent to the competition was not the only one factor, but also their quality, sometimes also an idea behind the model, and the long-run modding creation for the game! Not sure why we have so many museums, but it seems in soviet countries most of attractions were museums or buildings to glorify the regime so let's be realistic :-)
Thank you all for supporting the game by making mods. This competition was conducted because we want to support you in return. Now let’s get to the winners:

1st place - painkillerlexar  1000 EUR

His buildings are of top quality, there is nothing to say more! This is how the buildings should look like. He sent us the Ferris wheels (we expected this type of buildings, so we are happy they will be finally a part of the vanilla game). He also sent two sightseeing towers - how did he know that we had already made mechanics to consider the view from the building? Also he sent the palace of communism, which is a very complicated building, but he made it great! Thank you, painkillerlexar.

2nd place - Nyxyx  500 EUR

The contestant, who made for us also very nice buildings. Mostly we like this view restaurant, but also the museum is nice. This low cost restaurant we will use as a beach bar :-). Nyxyx also sent another building, this historic seafort, but due to "out of budget" it was not selected, even though the quality is good. Thank you, Nyxyx.

 3rd - KArantukki  300 EUR

In this case we were not quite sure who should be the 3rd. After hard debates over the 3rd place winner, it was decided to pick him. We like the swimming pool, a very well made building... The gallery is also good. Both building types were the only one in competition, and the gallery fits good into our concept. Thank you, KArantukki. 

Now let’s get to the works, which get the
"contract" reward. These works will be also used in the game:


  • Museum of Slovak Uprising by Benco54

  • Cafe Pearl by Princess_C

  • Theatre by Kostas667

  • Chamomile by Mauser_NATO

  • Surprise / centrifuge by Mauser_NATO

  • Autodrom by Mauser_NATO

  • Zoo by dimndroll

  • Pyramid museum by BlueBro

There were other good models, but not selected for now due to theme or budget. We may contact authors in future to include them into the game, when such buildings would be needed:

  • Kafe by NuoHep

  • Golden Eagle cafe by Олег Монолит

Full gallery with all mods in competition

We decided to shoot the models in the model viewer, where they are more raw than in game, and where the model quality can be better compared. A model, which looks good without any special effect is the best model, that's my motto when an artist sends me the work. Also this helps to unify images - because we all need to be equal like most citizens in a real soviet republic :-)

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic Modder's Contest!

Dear community of Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic, we are planning on implementing tourism as a mechanic into the game and because of all of you, the modding community, who are all fantastically creative, we got the idea that you could help us to bring a new and interesting building type into the game.

Tourism mechanic

First let us fill you in on how we envision tourism will work. Tourists will appear at the borders, and will be looking to find a way to get to the hotel. You will be able to transport them using mass transit and after reaching a hotel, they will have a limited time to stay in your republic before returning home. They will behave just like regular citizens of the republic, except their home will not be a residential building, but a hotel; they will also not be working. Tourists will also have the same needs as citizens (food, alcohol, culture, religion, sport, sometimes clothes too), and in the hotel they will be able to get food and alcohol (if these are available). Now this is where the attraction building type will come in. For example if: the tourist prefers today to drink alcohol, but instead he sees an attraction, this will override his demand for alcohol and satisfy him. However it will depend on the attraction, every attraction will have a different type defined, and how long it will take that tourist to "forget" about it. The attractiveness of the attraction will set that.

Tourists will forget about the attraction after a set amount of days, so it's possible the tourist will visit it only once. For example: one attraction may be set to 30 days (not very attractive), another attraction (very attractive) may be set for 5 days, so it's possible the tourist will visit it multiple times (if he is staying more than 10 days). Note: attraction buildings will also be used by regular citizens under the same conditions. Tourists will spend their money at attractions or hotels. All attractions will also have a point system that tourists will use to judge their vacation in your republic, making the amount of tourists on the borders increase... or not :-)

What you should create

You should create simply an attraction building type. Because the game currently lacks the functionality of these buildings, just create it as a $TYPE_MONUMENT.  You should test this building as a mod, it is up to you if you will make it available as public on the workshop or not, but we recommend not to do so (better to do this after the competition concludes) Simply send us the file folder with the mod (we will copy it locally and check it out). Also please include with it a TXT or item description with a few words on how the building should work, or simply what the building is, what kind of attraction it is, etc.

Examples of good attraction (some our ideas)

  • Restaurants, bars, etc - you may create this type of building. Also, they will then be included in the game as grocery stores or pubs

  • Ferris wheel, or other amusement park attractions or even the whole amusement park with multiple attractions

  • National park infocenter - a building you can place in your national forests or park

  • Aquapark or water related attractions

  • Beach resort - We would really like to see this building type, use the harbor token "require water", put some sand, deckchairs and umbrellas, etc

  • Sightseeing tower

  • Museums

  • Or your own idea! - anything which you think would fit into the attraction mechanic :-) (with the exceptions below)

Examples of attractions that are not good ideas,

(with the current design direction, or simply ones that shouldn't be made for this contest)

  • Ski resorts, please do not make this, it will require more complicated mechanics that may be added in the future, and would require connections to existing cableways etc.

  • Hotels, please do not make this as part of the competition, we will already have our own hotel models.

  • Attraction rides - such as boat trips, airplane trips, or cableways - this will be handled differently in game


  • Must be your original work

  • Must be ready to put into the game, we should only have to copy it to our workshop_wip folder and it should work, so it can be observed in the game

  • Should have a normal/reasonable polycount, and use .DDS format for texture files, please do not use 30+ textures, less is better.

  • Should have a soviet theme (as much as possible)

  • You must be 18 years old or older

How you should deliver it to us

The deadline for the competition is Monday the 14th of september 11 AM, CET (Central Europe Time). Use to send us the ZIP package with your item. Include in the beginning of the description "MODDING COMPETITION" , include also the name of your work, your full name, country, contact email. Include also link to your steam profile, or nickname you wish we should publish as author of the work.

We will send you the confirmation that we registered your participation! In case you will not get confirmation email in 5 days use the form again or ask us at forum.

What you may get

We plan to select around 3-10 buildings, which will meet technical criteria and also be interesting. All authors who design buildings, which will be used in the vanilla game, will receive a 200 EUR licensing contract. The best three buildings will get an additional reward - 1st place 1000 EUR, 2nd place 500 EUR, 3rd place 300 EUR

Important note: All works must be the original work of the author! All competitors must be over 18 years old.

Note: 3DIVISION reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time, or reject any competitors. The results of the competition are final and cannot be contested by the other participants. By sending the content to the support form with the phrase "MODDING COMPETITION" in the description you agree with those conditions and you are declaring you are over the age of 18 years, that the content is your original work and that you are giving us the approval to process your personal data (email and name) for competition purposes (we are not allowed to give this data to 3rd party) and you are giving us the approval to publish your nick name or steam profile link as author of your work.

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